Registration for the 54Jeff Ideas Competition is now closed.

Winners will be announced on September 24 2013.

Specific details are below.

Submission Requirements

Entrants should submit one 30″ x 40″ ( 0.762 x 1.016 meters) presentation board, with the 40″ sides oriented horizontally. The board should have a maximum thickness of 0.5″ (12.7 mm) and weigh no more than 5 pounds (6.8 kilograms). The board must lie flat against an easel or wall, and may not include anything that projects more than 0.25″ (6.35mm) from the surface.

The presentation board should document clearly and concisely the entrant’s approach to the project. Ideas about the form, organization, materials, site planning, and design direction of 54 Jefferson may be included. Any verbal description must be included on the presentation side of the board and incorporated into the graphic layout of the concept.

Presentations should be easily understood by a lay audience. All members of the competition jury may not be familiar with architectural drawings and symbols. Further, SiTE:LAB will display the competition entries in a high-traffic public exhibition.

No models will be accepted. However, photographs or computer renderings of models may be incorporated into the presentation.

All entries must be submitted without any marks, logos, insignia, or writing that identify their authorship. Competitors must affix an opaque envelope to the rear of each competition board. Both the envelope and the board must be labeled only with the competitor’s identification number (which will be assigned upon registration). Sealed inside this envelope should be a copy of the registration confirmation.

Competitors may submit as many entries as they desire. However, each entry must have a separate identification number and registration confirmation.

All submissions must be received by the submission deadline addressed to the following:


c/o Kendall College of Art & Design

17 Fountain St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Local Printing/Mounting Options

We have received a number of inquires regarding the possibility of having submissions printed and mounted in Grand Rapids in order to avoid shipping costs or delays, particularly with international entries.  We have identified the following local companies that will print and/or mount submissions, each offering different printing process and paper options:

Service Reproduction Co.

345 Summer Ave. NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Phone: 616.451.2901

Fax: 616.451.9149


LaFontsee Galleries

833 Lake Drive SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Phone: 616.451.9820

Fax: 616.451.3034

If you identify the project as relating to the 54Jeff Competition, both companies will contact us when the submission is ready and we will arrange to pick it up.  For purposes of the submission deadlines, a submission printed and/or mounted by one of these companies will be considered “received” when an order for such services has been placed and all materials required to complete the project have been received by the company.

Digital Submission

While not required, we are requesting that participants also send a high quality pdf of their submission to .  This will allow us to give the jurors the option of reviewing the submissions in advance of their coming to Grand Rapids.  And will also allow us to possibly showcase entries on our website and in digital format during the exhibit.

Who Can Enter

Except as provided below with regard to interested parties, any person or group of persons worldwide, including multi-disciplinary teams, are invited to enter.

The firms, partners, and professional associates of the jurors, and employees of SiTE:LAB and the Grand Rapids Public Museum may not  participate in the competition.

Registration Process

Entrants are required to register before submitting their entry.  For registration deadlines see Schedule below

There are two ways to register.

1. Online Registration. Entrants can register online, paying via PayPal. Upon completion of online registration, entrants will receive their registration confirmation and registration number. This document and number must be printed out and included with the entrant’s submission (see Submission Requirements above). Registration must be completed by August 1, 2013 for standard-fee registration and by August 14, 2013, for late-fee registration.

2. Offline Registration. Entrants can register offline, via postal mail. Payment options include personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. To register offline, print out registration form, fill it out, and mail with payment to SiTE:LAB as indicated on the form. SiTE:LAB will send in reply, via email, a registration confirmation and registration number. This document and number must be printed out and included with the entrant’s  submission (see Submission Requirements above). Registration forms must be received in SiTE:LAB’s offices by August 1, 2013 for standard-fee registrations and by August 14, 2013 for late-fee registrations.


Individual & Team Entries
$50: Registrations received by August 1, 2013
$100: Registrations received between August 2 and August 14, 2013

School Studio Entries
(School studios  may pay a per-studio fee and enter as many as 15 student entries)
$300: Registrations received by August 1, 2013
$450: Registration received between August 2, 2013 and August 14, 2013

Entries which arrive without registration or entry fee will be ineligible and may be discarded.

All payments are final. SiTE:LAB will not extend a refund to registrants who do not submit an entry.


Competition Commences June 15, 2013
Registration Deadline August 1, 2013
Late Registration Deadline August 14, 2013
Submission Deadline August 15, 2013
Public Exhibition (during ArtPrize) September 18 – October 6, 2013
Jury Results Announced September 24, 2013